Demo Lap: Valentino Rossi at MotorLand Aragón on MotoGP™17

The fight for the Title continues with the talents of Valentino Rossi to be used by gamers worldwide to tackle the fast and technical Spanish circuit...

Rossi races with MotoGP™17 in Aragón – follow a lap with the legend

The penultimate “Time Attack” opportunity has begun! eSports title contenders will ride with Rossi and Yamaha at MotorLand, Aragón.

Back to Spanish soil, the MotoGP eSports Championship arrives at Aragón

Situated 100km to the south-east of Zaragoza is MotorLand – where gravity defines speed, and steady pace will win the race

Jump onboard with Rossi & Yamaha for Challenge #5

The penultimate challenge period to qualify for the MotoGP™ eSports Grand Final begins NOW!

MotoGP17 Challenge #4 Best Lap & Winners

A trio of Italians takes out the online challenge with Jorge Lorenzo and Team Ducati, to join previous qualifiers for the eSports Grand Final.

Lorenzo & Ducati Comparison lap – MotoGP17 game vs MotoGP real

Watch to see real-time premier class racing and MotoGP™17 gameplay compared. Team Ducati and Jorge Lorenzo are at the Misano World Circuit “Marco Simo...

Championship contender “Vindex813” celebrates in Misano

Italy’s potential eSports Champion saw real-life racing action up close and personal, plus chatted about his efforts to secure a top time with MotoGP™...

Demo Lap: Jorge Lorenzo at Misano on MotoGP17

Compete in the online “Time Attacks” to obtain a world best time and go through to the LIVE final in Valencia. Challenge #4 with Ducati at Misano ends...

Learn the track - a Misano lap with Lorenzo and Ducati on MotoGP17

With conditions pre-set to Dry, watch 3-time World Champion Lorenzo walk crown contenders through the ‘stop-start’ circuit to show how it’s done.

Ride at the Riviera de Rímini – your chance to take Ducati to victory in Misano

On a circuit named after local hero and rider Marco Simoncelli, 2017 MotoGP™ eSport contenders will steer Challenge #4 to the finish line with Lorenzo...

Take control – Lorenzo vs Misano for MotoGP™ eSports Challenge #4

This week the eSports Challenge moves to the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli.