This Cookie Policy is an integral part of the Legal Notice and Privacy Policy of the website (hereinafter, the "Website").

DORNA SPORTS, S.L. (hereinafter "DORNA") as owner of the same, with registered office at C/ Príncipe de Vergara, 183, 28002-Madrid, Spain and DPO email, informs you that, for the purposes detailed below, the navigation through the Website uses cookies or other data storage devices of similar functionality (hereinafter "cookies").

In this Cookies Policy we provide the user with all the necessary information for proper navigation. That includes the following information: what cookies are, what type of cookies are used on our website and how they can be configured or disabled.

For any questions regarding this Cookie Policy, you can contact us at:

What are the cookies?

Cookies are files installed on user's computer, phone, tablet or any other device, with the purpose of recording user's activities while browsing this website and/or mobile application. Each time user loads the website, the browser sends a cookie back to the server to notify user's previous activity on the page. Cookies are a reliable mechanism for websites to remember useful user information (such as items included in a virtual shopping cart) or to record user activity in the browser (including particular buttons, password access, or to remember which pages the user visited months ago). Cookies are also used to measure audience and traffic parameters, monitor progress and number of visits, as well as for advertising purposes.

How does Dorna use cookies?

Any visit to the Web Site may generate different types of cookies that we classify below according to their purpose and according to the entity that manages them (own and third party):

Own cookies are placed and configured by DORNA to track the performance of our websites/apps and products, to ensure the proper functioning of each of them and/or to store user preferences in relation to them.

Third-party cookies are placed and set by our partners for the purpose of measuring websites or applications, enabling a third-party service on the website to operate or for third parties to perform relevant advertising.

Depending on their purpose, we can classify the cookies we use into the following categories:

How can I manage my consent preferences?

You can configure the optional cookie categories by clicking on the cookie settings button

How do I disable cookies in the main browsers?

It is usually possible to stop your browser from accepting cookies, or to stop accepting cookies from a particular website. All modern browsers allow you to modify your cookie settings. You can find these settings in the "options" or "preferences" menu of your browser. To understand these settings, the following links may be helpful, or you can also use the "Help" option in your browser for more details.

Microsoft Edge:

For direct access, you can also copy and paste the following URL: edge://settings/content/cookies



Safari web and iOS:

If you have accepted third-party cookies, you can delete them from the browser options or from the system offered by the third party.

How do I disable dorna third party cookies?

Some of our suppliers have a direct system to oppose the installation of their Cookies. Below, you will find a list of providers and links (you will easily find the "opt- out" button to oppose):

Google Analytics:




Please note that if at any time you delete cookies from your browser, your opt-out preferences from the above providers may be removed, so you will need to opt-out again.

How long are cookies stored?

DORNA stores cookies for different periods of time depending on their use

Session Cookies are stored temporarily until you leave the website or until you close your web browser or application.

Persistent Cookies are stored for a fixed period of time, defined within the cookie, and allow the website or application to recognize the device again, when the user returns to that website or application, on that device.

The specific duration of each cookie is shown throughout this cookie policy.

In any case, the validity of the given consent last 12 months. Once this period has ended, a new consent will be requested when visiting our website/app

Data transfers to third countries

Data processing is generally carried out by service providers located within the European Economic Area or in countries that have been declared to have an adequate level of protection.

There may also be international transfers of data to third parties, for which DORNA will use the Standard Contractual Clauses adapted by the European Commission as a guarantee for those transfers made to countries that do not have an adequacy decision from the European Commission. In any case, third parties with whom certain personal data is shared will have previously accredited the adoption of adequate technical and organizational measures for the correct protection of such data.

DORNA does not sell customer data to third parties under any circumstances.

You can find out about transfers to third countries that, if applicable, are made by the third parties identified in this Cookie Policy in their corresponding policies.

Additional information

You can check our Privacy Policy for more information about the processing of your personal data, as well as to exercise your rights.

Updates and changes to the cookie policy

DORNA reserves the right to modify this Cookie Policy at any time and without prior notice, due to regulatory requirements or in order to improve the Website.

Although we may make efforts to notify you of such changes in the event that we make any significant changes, we recommend that you review the Cookie Policy when accessing the Web Site.

Last update: July 2023.

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