MotoGP™ eSport Championship Semi-Final 2: where to watch

Broadcasters and online streaming services bring you all the action from the final decider on who goes through

A place in the Grand Final awaits

The second and last Semi Final of the season is fast approaching with the 12 fastest players from Challenges 5 – 8 head-to-head around MotorLand Arago...

Meet the Semi-Finalists – Part 4!

Check out the second six riders through to the last Semi-Final, from Challenges #7 and #8

Meet the Semi-Finalists – Part 3!

Before the lights go out on October 30th let’s meet the first six riders through to Semi-Final 2, from Challenges #5 and #6.

MotoGP™ riders try out MotoGP™18

The riders take to the joysticks to guide their virtual look-a-likes around the circuits of the official MotoGP™ video game.

MotoGP eSport Semi-finalists show the Red Bull Rookies how to play

Youngsters from the Red Bull MotoGP™ Rookies have had the opportunity to test the MotoGP™18

2018 MotoGP™ eSport Championship: The second half of the season

After its summer break the MotoGP™ eSport Championship sprung back into life to decide the 12 players who would make it into Semi Final 2.

Lenovo Legion™ Gaming PCs are Stylish on the Outside, Savage on the Inside

This key partnership will power the Championship to new heights as contestants once again race for incredible prizes this season.

Challenge #8: Who made the final cut in Buriram?

The qualified riders for Semi-Final 2 from Challenge #8 are...

Dovi comparison lap: MotoGP18 vs real life!

Watch a side-by-side comparison between Andrea Dovizioso in real life and on MotoGP18

Demo Lap: How to beat the best in Buriram

The clock is ticking, with time running out before the final chance to head to Semi Final 2 comes to an end.