Williams_Adrian on winning the 2020 title and his hopes for this year!

We caught up with the reigning champion while he is preparing for the 2021 season to hear his thoughts on a brilliant 2020, and what the new season has in store.

Williams_Adrian (real name Adrian Montenegro) dominated the 2020 MotoGP™ eSport Championship with an amazing five wins in the Global Series and a first ever eSport crown. Now the Spaniard determined to defend his crown. 

We caught up with the reigning champion while he is preparing for the 2021 season to hear his thoughts on a brilliant 2020, and what the new season has in store.


• How were you so dominant in the 2020 Global Series?

The most important thing in MotoGP20 was to start in the front row, since it was very difficult to overtake. So I trained very well in qualifying. Then I also had to have a good pace to beat riders like Cristian (Williams_Cristian) or Trastevere (Trastevere73). Luckily I was very fast in qualifying and in the races and I was able to do a great championship.

• What were the differences between the MotoGP19 and MotoGP20 games?

The main difference is that in MotoGP19 you had to let the bike run a lot into the corner. In MotoGP20 it is very different, you have to be much more aggressive both in braking and acceleration. I personally liked MotoGP19 better.

• Are you very competitive with your brother Cristian all the time or is it just when you play in the eSport Championship?

We are always competitive in everything, but especially in the championship. But that "rivalry" to be better than the other helps us to be always there, fighting for the first positions.

• You ride with the #26. Is this because you are a fan of Dani Pedrosa?

Definitely. Since I started the championship in 2017 I wanted to have the number 26, but I couldn't, so I used 62, which was 26 the other way around. Since 2019 I could put it on the front of my bike, and whenever I can I will run with the 26.

• What was it about Dani that made you one of his fans?

When I was little and Dani was racing 125s I didn't understand much about motorcycles. I wanted him to win because I liked the blue motorcycle he was riding (the Movistar bike), and also because my father liked it. But when I grew up and understood more about the sport, I realised that I liked him more and more. His way of riding and also his way of being off the track. For me he will always be the best, my idol. In November, when I won the championship, he congratulated me on instagram and for me it was incredible! I was very excited.

• How did you train for the Global Series in 2020?

I trained with my brother Cristian and with the other Spaniards especially, Bomber, Juan and Eleghost, but also a lot with Moe. 2020 was very strange, hopefully the championship in 2021 will be with live events, to make it much more exciting. At home it will never be the same experience.

• Have you ever played MotoGP20 with a current MotoGP rider? If so, who do you think is the best?

In MotoGP™ I have played with Joan Mir and with Tito Rabat, I have also played some races with Aron Canet. It cannot be compared because Joan and Aron played in different categories, but I would say that the best of the 3 is Canet.

• How are you training for the 2021 eSport championship?

A few days ago we learned that the challenges for the 2021 classification will begin in March. We know there are 4 challenges, the first is with Dani Pedrosa at Laguna Seca, with the legendary motorcycle (RC212V 2007). I will continue training the same as every year, prepare well to be competitive in all challenges, try to be as high as possible in each of them and I hope I can be in the 2021 Global Series to try to defend the title.


Now in its fifth season, the bigger, better MotoGP™ eSport Championship will kick on in 2021 with a host of new features, starting on March 18th with an all-new Online Challenge.


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