The Challenge #1 is live and ready to ride

An unprecedented opportunity to claim the first world title is now open. Are you game?

The inaugural 2017 eSports Champion has begun! Using the unstoppable talents of 3-time MotoGP™ World Champion Marc Maquez on the HRC Honda, race the Round 1 Online ‘Time Attack’ at the Circuit de Jerez. Conditions at the Spanish track are locked to Dry for optimum riding through-out the first challenge.

From July 27 to August 6, be prepared to prove your worth by starting the journey with the Red Bull Rookies Cup™, and beat the qualifying times to progress into the next category. Want to skip straight to the premier-class? Record an exceptional lap time and get sent straight to phase 2 – the MotoGP™ Challenge.  

In phase 2 the playing field has been levelled. Almost all viable options are pre-set for the Online Challenge, and only the fastest lap will be recorded, no matter how many times the ‘Time Attack’ session is completed over the course of the 10-day Challenge period.

Simulation will be set to “Pro” level racing, and a host of MotoGP17™ riding aids will be switched OFF including auto brakes, joint brakes, steering help and automotive tuck-in. Ideal trajectory and rewind will also be unavailable during time-trials in the premier-class. Pure gaming skill will be required to beat the fastest in the world.

With machine and rider pre-selected and designed specifically for each Challenge period, it means there are no game-play settings available here either. Soft compound tyres are fitted as standard, however tyre wear is disabled to ensure riders can perform as many record breaking laps as necessary. Transmission and Traction Control are user-preference however, and championship competitors will find that the manual transmission requires more skill but allows for faster times on track.

Be prepared for a true to life simulation of on-track racing. MotoGP™17 is the next level in gaming and cheating is not an option. You won’t have the option to cut corners here... Ride fast, ride hard and top the leader-board to take the title.

The two players from Online Challenge round one that post the quickest lap world-wide, will be invited with exclusive VIP access to take part in the LIVE Grand Final event in Spain at the Grand Premio Motul de la Comunitat Valenciana in November. 

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