Global Series Round #1: How to master the magnificent Tuscan venue

The first race of the Global Series in the 2019 MotoGP™ eSport Championship kicks off this Friday 13th at 7.30pm, with the 12 finalists taking on the famous Mugello circuit.

The first race of the Global Series in the 2019 MotoGP™ eSport Championship kicks off this Friday 13th at 7.30pm, with the 12 finalists taking on the famous Mugello circuit.

Few tracks on the current MotoGP calendar set the pulse racing like Mugello. Phillip Island may come close with it's seaside setting and fifth gear curves but in terms of atmosphere, ride-ability and glorious hillside vistas the Tuscan circuit next to Borgo San Lorenzo stands above the rest.

If a rider can be quick around Mugello, they can be quick just about anywhere. The layout is technical and challenging. And its fast, flowing nature leads it to routinely serve up some memorable racing.

As well as boasting one of the longest start-finish straights on the entire calendar, the track is a series of high-speed chicanes. When the undulations are taken into account, it provides a truly unique challenge that tests games skills and bravery in equal measure.

It all starts with that enthralling uphill plunge. As gamers cross the line they are already in sixth gear. Approaching the end of the 1.14k m straight they are posting the fastest speeds of any circuit in the world (Andrea Dovizioso was recorded at 355kph here during this year’s Italian Grand Prix, an all-time MotoGP top speed record).

When approaching from such high speed, braking for San Donato (turn one) gains added importance. Gamers should ensure their machines are pointing straight when going over the left kink after the exit of pit lane. Moving to the left of the track before turn one is crucial to ensure you scrub off enough speed to make the apex.

It’s a short way to Luco (turn two). Riding uphill, only a minimum amount of braking is required but finding the right line through Poggio Secco (turn three) – usually a late apex – can set up an overtaking opportunity for Materassi (turn four). The turn four-five left-right requires precise braking and a smooth turning transition to make sure the gamer approaches Casanova Savelli (turns six and seven) with sufficient speed.

Valentino Rossi rates this stretch of tarmac as his very favourite in the world. One reason for that is the challenge it throws up. Approach it in fourth gear, drop down two and then gradually accelerate on the exit of Savelli. The Arrabbiata corners (turns eight and nine) are next up, which don’t require much heavy braking. Rather maintaining speed and gentle acceleration is critical.

Gamers approach Scarperia (turn ten) in fifth gear but its downhill nature requires a change back to second gear. After accelerating out of Palagio (turn eleven), the long Correntaio (turn twelve) hairpin requires smooth braking and patience before getting back on the gas. The players should still be accelerating as they enter the Biondetti chicane (turns 13 and 14). A quick gear change to fourth before switching from left to right should ensure the bike is well placed before the run to Bucine (turn 15), the final corner that should be taken in second gear. Again, a smooth exit is crucial to build speed onto the start-finish straight.

2019 MotoGP™ eSport Championship finalists will enjoy the favourable weather conditions and take the plunge to claim the third eSport crown.

Stay tuned! on Friday at 19.30 (GMT+2) a 1 hour  show will be broadcasted live worldwide across MotoGP™ eSport Channels (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) plus and key MotoGP™ Broadcasters. 

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