Chasing the crown on the Circuito de la Comunitat Valenciana

Valencia will prove the turning point for valiant riders hoping to achieve their eSport dreams

The 2018 MotoGP™ eSport Champion will end in Valencia, Spain. One of the most difficult and technical tracks of the calendar, the Circuito de la Comunitat Valenciana was completed in 1999 and held its first round of MotoGP™ in the very same year. The premier class race on the 4.005km (2.489 miles) track comprising of five right-handed corners, eight left-handers and an 876m straight. Although regarded as quite small, the circuit is fitted out with the stadium style grandstands that can seat up to 150,000 spectators and provides a view of the track all the way around. Enjoyed by riders the world over, the unique atmosphere as the last race of the season means there is always a party feeling to the Valencian Grand Prix.

Down the 876m long Start/Finish straight at approx. 280km/h in sixth gear is the fastest section of this Spanish track. Taken in third the first corner is named aptly after Jorge Martínez aka “Aspar”. It is very fast, with a central line, and although there aren't usually many opportunities for overtaking on this corner in the premier-class, acceleration on exit is essential as the next straight before turn 2, Mick Doohan corner, is long.

Turn 2 is a first-gear bend and an excellent spot within this section of the track to attempt an overtake, as it isn’t followed by a long straight. On exit, go up a gear through turn 3, another left-hander where it isn’t necessary to let off the gas. It must be done smoothly though, as the turn can be very slippery and links into the fourth corner – the first right-hander of the circuit. In second gear, take the fourth corner and be wary of cold tyres, as there are often crashes here. On the exit, there can be a loss of traction, so it isn’t best to push too hard into corner 5.

At turn 5, in second gear, riders are preparing to exit with speed, as corner 6 arrives along the fast back straight of the circuit. Ángel Nieto corner, turn 6, is an area where the crowds in the stands can be heard the best. Gearing up until fourth or fifth, depending on the bike, for turn 7, it is only a slight bend before the hardest braking point of this section. Often where mistakes occur, turn 8 is another critical overtaking point. Towards the chicane of turns 9 and 10, gearing up to third is essential, and the right-hand section is dangerous, with the braking done on a lean.

The hairpin at corner 11 is back to first gear and doesn’t provide much difficulty in exiting with speed before gearing up to third and heading down the short straight section into turn 12. Champi Herreros corner is taken in second gear as well, and although it is very sharp, it is also swift. Getting out fast requires gearing up two at once – into fourth before the left-hand bend. This section is a long smooth curve where the bike skids a lot into the very final corner. Adrian Campos, turn 14, is the last braking point and is one of the best places for the ultimate overtake before the Finish line. It is taken in second gear and only offers a few difficulties, namely that the bike arrives with a lot of inertia and can throw riders to the outside of the track.

Most of the circuit is left-hand corners, including the fast back curve, which means tyres must stay hot to keep the bike on the track. Two key areas that require a rider to pay attention to beat the odds and come out on top - corner 4, as the first right-hander, and corners 9-through-10, which is labeled as it is one of the most challenging points on the lap.

2018 MotoGP™ eSport Championship finalists will enjoy the favourable weather conditions and take the plunge to claim the second eSport crown.

Stay tuned! On Friday at 18.30 (GMT+1) a 1 hour 30 minute show will be broadcasted live worldwide across MotoGP™ eSport Channels (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) plus and key MotoGP™ Broadcasters.  This program, among other surprises, will include a 10 minutes Qualifying session plus a 10 laps race.

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