Things Marquez doesn’t say in his media debriefs…

The seven-time Champion offered some interesting points about strategy and racing when commentating on the MotoGP™ eSport Grand Final

The Grand Final of the 2018 MotoGP™ eSport World Championship took place at the Valencia GP weekend and in only its second year, the finale was bigger, better, and more spectacular than ever… you might say it was taken up a level from 2017 - to #Level7! 

Alongside the series’ usual commentators, there was a very special guest joining them to cover the final race – seven-time World Champion Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda Team).  In amongst all the drama and tension that was taking place, the reigning MotoGP™️ World Champion gave viewers some unique insights into his perspective on battles, racing with a Championship on the line, and of course - gaming! 

“When you’re at home, you ride one way, but riding with pressure is a completely different thing,” explained Marquez, who regularly plays and competes with brother Alex when they have some time off at home. “I push a lot in real life but in a game, I wouldn’t feel the risks, so I’d push even more and crash every time.”

There was an intense fight for the win throughout the race between Trastevere73 and EleGhost555, during which our commentators threw to Marquez to ask him what his tactics are in a one-on-one battle for the win, here’s what he said:

“When I’m behind somebody, I try to understand where I’m stronger or where he struggles a bit and try to prepare for the last laps. In the mid-race, it’s time to prepare the attack, in the last three laps. Try to understand where you can overtake and put some pressure to see if the front guy will make a mistake.

“I like to be behind, always, because you know. When you’re in front and you can see it’s just fourth-tenths, five tenths behind you, you don’t know if they’re struggling or waiting.”

But it wasn’t just your average race win up for grabs in the MotoGP™ eSports Grand Final, it was the coveted title of becoming the MotoGP™ eSports World Champion, and taking home a brand new BMW M240i! Do Marquez’ tactics change when there is so much on the line? Here was his advice for our eSports competitors… 

“They need to push. There’s only one race, one final, two laps remaining. For me, it’s the same to finish second or finish in the gravel, so they need to push… When you only have one chance, you need to use it… (winning) is one of the best emotions; full of adrenaline. It’s the best thing!”

The battle for the win went down to the wire, with Trastevere73 producing a stunning ride to claim his second consecutive title – something Marquez is used to himself. 

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