Iannone comparison lap: MotoGP18 vs real life!

Watch a side-by-side comparison between Andrea Iannone in real life and on MotoGP18 around the Red Bull Ring

The Red Bull Ring in Austria is a beautiful circuit, full of challenging corners and picturesque mountains trackside. 2016 race winner, Andrea Iannone is the subject of this weeks’ challenge, and in this video we compare a lap in real life vs. on MotoGP18.

Time is running out to compete in Challenge 4 and with only three spaces left in Semi Final 1, competition is fierce at the top, with the quickest three on the Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC making the grade. The San Marino GP – held on the second weekend of September – is the home of the live event, where 12 players will compete not only for glory, but a place in the Grand Final.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to https://esport.motogp.com/ and get going!

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