Rising Stars Series: How to set the pace at Motorland Aragon!

While the third Online Challenge of this year’s MotoGP™ eSport Rising Stars Series is underway, watch a demonstration of how to set the fastest time possible at the Motorland Aragon Circuit.

The first stage of the 2022 Rising Stars Series is underway, with each player taking Aleix Espargaro’s Aprilia Racing RS-GP around the undulating Motorland Aragon Circuit. Here, you can see how to master this fast circuit that is a crucial one on the MotoGP™ calendar!

Aleix Espargaro believes the Motorland Aragon Circuit could be his and Aprilia’s best chance to score a second MotoGP™ victory, such is his liking for the layout. So watch these lines, braking markers and gear changes to extract the maximum from the Catalan’s machine to start the Rising Stars Series on the front foot!

he Motorland Aragon track first hosted a MotoGP race in 2010 and has become a firm favourite for riders and spectators alike. The 17-turn, 5.077 kilomtre long track was met with race reviews when riders first sampled it and reigning World Champion Marc Marquez counts it among his favourite layouts.

Little wonder. It’s a track that has a little bit of everything. A variety of fast and slow corners, undulations, sharp drops and the 968 metre back straight that allows riders to drag the maximum from the machinery under them.

If racing is anything to go, Aragon has produced the goods. Last year’s MotoGP™ bow went all the way to the final chicane on the final lap with three different manufacturers – Honda, Ducati and Suzuki – present on the podium.

The start finish straight sees riders approach the tricky turn one at well over 250kph. Change down to second gear to negotiate a way through the 90-degree left before the two fast rights (turns two and three) taken at an ever-increasing speed. Take care with turning here, however, as turn two has always been a place where riders fall.

Gamers will need to begin braking just before turn four, which then tightens into five, a left-hand hairpin taken in first gear. MotoGP™ machines get up to fourth gear through turn six before approaching another hairpin at turn seven, taken in first. Turns eight and nine are the slowest on the circuit, taken in first and requiring real skill to maintain the right line.

Then the fun really begins. Gradually increase speed and feather the throttle through the awesome turns ten and eleven, making your way up to fifth gear, all the time leant over on the left side of the tyre.

Go back to second for turn twelve and ensure you hit the apex to ensure a smooth passage into 13. The 14-15 right-left should be taken in first before the plunge onto the back straight.

At this point only one overtaking opportunity remains – the awesome turn 16, which soon leads into 17. Brake late for this one, pitch in to the apex while changing down to third gear and then aim for the inside of turn 17 to get that crucial drive onto the start-finish straight – it could be the difference between first and second!

The third and final Online Challenge ends on 18th September at 7pm CET – so get riding! Don't miss the oportunity and register now here

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