All wrapped up! The results are in for Online Challenge #3!

The third Online Challenge of the 2023 MotoGP™ eSport Championship is over – let’s see who was fastest!

The first stage of the 2023 MotoGP™ eSport Championship is now done after the third Online Challenge of this year’s Pro Draft saw gamers from around the world take on Austria’s Red Bull Ring aboard Jack Miller’s Red Bull KTM RC16.

And after five days of intense competition, look and see how gamers from Europe and the Rest of the World fared as they challenged to set the fastest time possible in time-attack mode.

When competing in each Online Challenge, gamers will be classified in one of two categories: those from Europe and those from the Rest of the World. The gamers setting the fastest times will be awarded points.

Of the thousands of attempts posted last weekend, it was the Brit Jack Hammer4658 who was fastest in the European category with a lap time of 1’24:352 when using the Xbox. Reigning MotoGP™ eSport Champion 26_adriaan was the quickest using the PC with a time of 1’24:490 and Brit PlaT1ForLyfe, 2022 Rising Stars Champion, was the fastest using the Playstation (1’24:618).

In the Rest of the World category, it was Indonesia’s MotherChapter who was fastest with a time of 1’24:760 using the PC. South African II HADES II (SERL) was the quickest using the Xbox with a time of 1’25:391 and the Malaysian Khairi Haziq was the fastest gamer using the Playstation with a personal best of 1’25:820.

You can check the full standings here.

At the end of the third and final Online Challenge the 15 gamers with the most points in the European classification, the seven from the Rest of the World classification, and the winner of last year’s Rising Stars Series will make up the names that qualify for the Draft Selection with 11 of those guaranteed a spot in the Global Series!

The MotoGP™ eSport Online Challenges may be finished, but the Pro Draft – the stage when all eleven MotoGP™ teams choose their fastest eSport riders for the Global Series has already started, and will run until the 31st July.  

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