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MotoGP™™ eSport: Rising Stars Series

Now in its seventh year of existence, the MotoGP™ eSport Championship continues to expand in new an innovative ways. As well as having an increased format, the series adds an extra branch to its ranks: the Rising Stars Series.

Just as Dorna's junior racing programmes (the Red Bull Rookies Cup, the FIM Junior World Championship, Asia Talent Cup, the British Talent Cup, the Northern Talent Cup) aim to promote young talent to the pinnacle of the sport, the Rising Stars Series aims to do the same in the rapidly growing eSports world.

This programme is the first of its kind in MotoGP™ eSports and will consist of three Online Challenges separated by three World Regions (the Americas, Europe and Africa, Asia and Oceania) as well as one Online Grand Final.


Authentication process

Before participating in any of the qualifying events, you must be enrolled to compete in the MotoGP™ eSports Championship. To start your journey to the top, login with your esport.motogp.com account or register a new one and be sure to accept the 2023 Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Terms of Participation.

The Championship format

The Rising Stars Series is comprised of two phases: the Online Regional Challenges and Online Final.

First of all, the Online Regional Challenges (Qualifiers) will be disputed in time attack mode and the gamers who achieve the fastest lap times will be awarded points. Only the fastest lap times will count and gamers will be awarded points depending on their position in the final classification at the end of each Challenge.

The Online Final

The Online Final will comprise one race with 9 gamers fighting for the glory. The Online Final will be online based and disputed on the PC.

The winner of the Online Final will be awarded with a place in the 2024 MotoGP eSport Pro Draft.

The Online Challenges

The three Online Challenges will run from September 20th to October 15th, with gamers tasked with posting the quickest lap times at three different layouts with three different machines and riders.

Gamers will be divided into three categories, depending on their location, These three are the Americas, Europe and Africa, and finally Asia and Oceania.

Similar to this year's MotoGP™™ eSports Pro Draft, the nine players who have the most points after the third and final Challenge will be classified for the Online Final.

A total of 9 gamers will be classified for the Online Final (3 from the Americas, 3 from Europe and Africa, 3 from Asia and Oceania)

Other information

For a more detailed information please check the following Terms of participation.

Terms of participation