MotoGP™ eSport Top 3 visit Red Bull Hangar-7

The podium finishers from the MotoGP™ eSport Final in Valencia had exclusive access to Red Bull’s Hangar-7 in Austria.

As part of their prize from the inaugural MotoGP™ eSport Final in Valencia last year, the top three finishers in the Grand Final were invited to Red Bull’s infamous Hangar-7 in Austria to see some of the company’s history in the sports industry.

MotoGP™ eSport World Champion, Lorenzo Daretti (Trastevere73), second-place finisher Cristian Montenegro Sanchez (mmandzukic17), and third placed Ivan Avella (Ivangamer2346) were all present at the venue to receive a guided tour of the motorcycles, Formula 1 cars, helicopters and aircraft that were on display. Following this, they were treated to lunch at the Michelin star restaurant on the second floor, allowing them to look out over the beautiful Austrian mountains.

‘Trastevere73’, ‘mmandzukic17’ and ‘Ivangamer2346’ then jumped into a VIP helicopter to get an even closer look at Salzburg, to see the lakes and the country’s breathtaking scenery from an incredible perspective, with ‘Trastevere73’ even taking the controls for a short time. After this, they visited Red Bull’s Hangar 8 and received a tour of where the technicians’ complete maintenance and repair work on the different machines.

Speaking about the experience, eSport World Champion ‘Trastevere73’ said: “It was a spectacular and unforgettable experience! Flying the helicopter was the icing on the cake. Thank you to Red Bull and MotoGP eSport for this.”

Runner-up, ‘mmandzukic17’ added to the positive sentiments: “It was an incredible experience for me, honestly, it was even more exciting than I expected. I really enjoyed it!”

Finally, third-placed from the eSport Final in Valencia, ‘Ivangamer2346’ kept it short and sweet: “It was good reason to be on the podium!”

Despite being fierce rivals on track, the trio are all good friends away from it and had a thoroughly enjoyable time before heading back to their native countries. We look forward to following their next adventure!

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