Join Global Series veteran MrTftw for an onboard lap of Donington Park!

Gamers will take on a legendary MotoGP™ circuit for the Second Online Challenge. So here is a guide on how to be fast at Donington Park!

The Australian, who has competed at the highest level of MotoGP™ eSport racing, is on hand to talk you around a lap of the challenging Donington Park Circuit, which plays host to the second Online Challenge of the 2022 MotoGP™ eSport Championship.

The second online Challenge of the new MotoGP™ eSport World Championship will see gamers compete to set the fastest possible time around the historic Donington Park venue, aboard Mick Doohan’s brilliant 1994 Honda NSR500, a machine and rider combination that was voted for last month.

The challenge will run from Thursday 17th March to Sunday the 20th. So there is a chance to gain inspiration from the riders attacking the track before you do the same with a controller!

Donington Park made its debut on the Grand Prix calendar in 1987 and it quickly became a riders’ favourite. Fast and undulating, the first half of the track flowed like few others. For one, American legend Kevin Schwantz counted it among his very favourite layouts.

It remained on the calendar until 2010, the year when Andrea Dovizioso scored his maiden premier class win, and is still regarded as one of the best tracks in the British Isles.

It all starts with the run to turn one. Click sixth gear across the finish line and prepare your braking marker for the tight turn one. Run in just a little hot while downshifting back to second gear before accelerating sharply for turn two. Gradually build your speed as you go downhill, flicking right to left through the brilliant Craner Curves.

It’s all about agility in this section and the secret to a fast start to the lap is braking early for the Old Hairpin, so you can carry speed on the way up. Take the next left kink flat out before braking heavily for McCleans. The it’s a short blast uphill before dropping back to second and taking on the long right that leads onto the back straight.

Then the character of the track changes. From here it’s all about braking precision and stability on the brakes. Drop back to first gear for the Foggy Esses before accelerating up to fifth gear before shifting back to first again at the Melbourne Loop.

It’s then a similar full-throttle dash up to the final corner – Goddards – which is again taken in first gear. Then it’s a short, sharp dash across the line to end the lap.

Setting a fast time here aboard an excitable, powerful NSR500 is a true test of your gaming talents!


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