Confidence in all conditions – don’t let a little rain ruin your day at Silverstone

The first wet track on the 2017 MotoGP™ eSports calendar, the English circuit is also long and wild, and will see competitors on the limiter during Challenge #3

Silverstone Circuit, Great Britain, held its first motorcycle grand prix in 1977 and is a renowned combination of fast-flowing corners and high-speed straights. Made up of 18 turns, 10 right and 8 left, and over 5.9kms (3.6 miles) of asphalt – the varying corner types give this circuit an edge over many international tracks.

Although the circuit is not overly physical with four tidy straight sections between turns, riders will need to stay focused through the multiple changes of direction, and this includes one of the best sequences of corners a rider can find at any grand prix event – at turns 2 and 4, with Maggotss and Becketts. The quick and technical nature of the layout through other famous turns such as Woodcote, Luffield, Copse and Stowe, ensure this circuit is one where riders can enjoy using the full potential of their bikes.

From the start finish line, turn one is the third gear right-hand corner of Copse – which happens to open out quite early and makes hard acceleration on the exit a good option. Aiming for a late exit point, use the entire track and gear-up to fifth into the approach to Maggotts.

Back one gear will take you through turns 2 to 6. Hanger straight is top gear down the entire length of the section, before changing to third for turn 7 – a 90-degree right-hander. Although it isn’t a tricky turn, the exit at 7 does drop away, so be careful not to lose time through a lack of traction. 

The next chicane requires hard braking, at the same time as shifting back to second gear.  Leaving Vale after turn 7, gain the advantage by heading out wide before taking the apex of Club Corner and using the whole width on the exit to retain traction down Pits Straight.

Turn 11 is another fast turn, a fourth gear right hander, just before the most technical and slowest part of the circuit – the only section where riders head back to first gear is through turns 12 and 13. Farm, turn 12, is one of the most difficult corners as riders come around their first left corner in a while and need to manage tyre temperature at the cold and damp British circuit.

Wellington straight offers up a short stretch of speed before riders set up for Luffield, and then onto Woodcote at turn 18 which is a long, fun corner that allows for full throttle all the way to the chequered flag and on to glory!

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