All you need to know about the Pro Draft Qualification Phase

The critically-acclaimed MotoGP™ eSport Championship is back for a sixth season which is sure to guarantee drama, surprise and action a plenty! Here is all you need to know.

Once again, the series is based around the Official MotoGP™ Videogame, which provides a host of challenges for gaming hopefuls around the world that share the goal of competing in the MotoGP™ eSport Championship.

As has been the case in recent years, gamers can compete on Sony PlayStation®, Xbox and PC platforms in a Pro Draft selection based on 4 Online Challenges. The players who have more points after the last challenge will be classified for the Draft Selection. In total will be a Draft Pool of 27 gamers (24 from the Pro Draft plus the three winners of last year’s Rising Stars Series).

The 12 gamers selected for the MotoGP™ Teams will fight in the Global Series, a 10-race championship held across 5 different venues, for the overall crown.

How is it structured?
The Championship is comprised of two main phases; Pro Draft and Global Series. The MotoGP™ eSport Pro Draft is the Official Selection Phase and will consist in 4 Online Challenges based on a time trial format. The Global Series is the final stage of the 2022 MotoGP™ eSport Championship and comprises five Rounds of competition which will take place in three different MotoGP™ venues, with two virtual events taking place. You can check the calendar at the following URL to see de Online Challenges Calendar.

How do I enter at the competition?
Before participating in any of the qualifying events, you must be enrolled to compete in the MotoGP™ eSports Championship. To start your journey to the top, login with your account or register a new one and be sure to accept the 2022 Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Terms of Participation.

Once logged in, click on “my profile” button (you will find it at the top right corner on and grab the eSport Championship Code.

After that, head to your preferred platform (Sony PlayStation®, Xbox and/or PC), open the MotoGP21 Videogame, click on the eSport section and insert your eSport Championship Code and you are ready to start!

When does it start?
Each of the four Online Challenges will run for four days (from Thursday to Sunday). The first one of these begins on the 3rd of March at 11.00am CET and runs until the 6th at 7.00pm CET. You can check the calendar at the following URL to see de Online Challenges Calendar.

How do I qualify?
When competing in each Online Challenge, gamers will be classified in one of two categories: those from Europe and those from the Rest of the World. The gamers setting the fastest times will be awarded points. At the end of the fourth Online Challenge the 16 gamers with the most points in the European classification and the eight from the Rest of the World classification will make up the 24 riders that qualify from the online challenges for the Draft Selection.

What bikes and tracks will be used for the Online Challenges?
Shhh! It's a secret at this moment. The specifics will be revealed during the week of each Online Challenge but at this stage we can reveal that according to your votes the second Online Challenge will be disputed with Mick Doohan at Donington Park

For any other doubts you can check the How to Play Section or contact us here

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