MotoGP™ eSport Championship

Length 3.7 km
2.28 miles
Corners 10 - 3
Left - Right
Width 12 m
39.37 ft.
Longest straight 700 m
2296.59 ft.

About the circuit


Challenge 3 of the 2019 MotoGP™ eSport World Championship takes you to Germany and the iconic Sachsenring, where you’ll be able to use Mission Winnow Ducati’s Andrea Dovizioso in ‘Time Attack’ mode in the dry conditions to try and get the fastest time possible.

Car and bike races have been held on closed public roads in the area around the town of Chemnitz, Germany since the 1920s and were still taking place until as recently as 1990. It was decided, however, that the five-mile course through such a densely populated area was no longer suitable and a new circuit was built five miles west of Chemnitz in 1996.

Although mainly used as a driver training centre and road transport safety station, Sachsenring first hosted MotoGP™ in 1998 and many improvements have taken place since then, including a drastic layout enhancement in 2001. Numerous tight corners make it one of the slower tracks on the calendar but there is never any shortage of close racing action.

The 12 fastest gamers in this challenge, two from PS4, two from Xbox One and two from PC, will earn their place in the Pro Draft. Six players from Europe and six from the rest of the world will make the cut in this challenge.

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